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Organic Farm – this 100% green technology really works

In April of 2012 we were contacted by a family-owned organic farm that was having trouble obraining their food processing license because of a water quality issue. Being an environmentally friendly company, they wanted to alleviate their problem without the use of harmful chemicals. After discussing the benefits of HydroFLOW with one of our distributors, they decided to give it a try.

HydroFLOW water conditioners are environmentally friendly devices that have been distributed throughout the world for many years, but only recently entered the U.S. market. Over twenty years ago, Hydropath Holdings, located in the U.K., invented a process that treats fluids by inducing a robust yet harmless signal of 150kHz throughout plumbing systems made of any material. The pipe, and/or the fluid inside of it, acts as a conduit which allows the signal to propagate. The induction of the signal prevents scale and biofilm from accumulating inside plumbing systems and gradually removes existing deposits. This preventative action significantly reduces energy, chemical, water and maintenance costs which extends the service life of equipment and pipes.

A HydroFLOW unit was installed on their main line and after a month and a half, they had their license.

Quote from the customer:

“The results were excellent! The water was clean and clear with just an electric signal! This 100% green technology really works! We are very pleased with the results and are very happy with our unit! Thank you HydroFLOW!”