What you should expect from HydroFLOW

  • Prevent limescale accumulation and gradually remove limescale deposits in areas with constant water flow (i.e. inside pipes)
  • Make your potable water healthier by assisting in the eradication of waterborne bacteria and removal of biofilm from inside pipes and appliances
  • Reduce your water heater’s energy consumption
  • Cost is about $1 per year to run
  • Be eco-friendly and maintenance-free
  • Make your pool water clearer
  • Reduce your pool’s chemical consumption
  • Decrease your pool’s “chlorine smell"
  • Your water will lather up better with a HydroFLOW device than just untreated hard water

What you should not expect from HydroFLOW

  • "Soften” water – it is not a water softener, it is an eco-friendly and chemical-free water conditioner
  • Be waterproof – it needs to be properly protected when installed in wet areas or outdoors
  • Remove all stains from your glassware – a dishwasher rinse aid might be required
  • Remove heavy metals or minerals – it is not a reverse osmosis system
  • Completely stop the use of pool chemicals – it will help reduce chemicals by up to 50%
  • Completely remove limescale stains in areas without constant water flow – it will make limescale stains easier to remove
  • Remove suspended solids – it is not a filter
  • Remove “rotten egg” smell
  • Remove iron staining