On Day 1 ‐ New Scale Will Stop Accu­mulating

The Pearl model is designed for small homes. The Pearl Plus model is designed for standard homes and commercial kitchens. The hs40 model is designed for residential pools but it is sometimes used to protect large homes and restaurants.

When properly installed, the HydroFLOW device will immediately begin to protect your plumbing system and/or pool; hard scale accumulation in areas with constant water flow will stop. If installed outdoors, ensure the device is protected properly protected from weather damage. Be sure to follow the installation instructions that are provided with the HydroFLOW water conditioner and contact us with any installation questions or concerns.

In the unlikely event scale accumulation does not stop, the device is most likely installed incorrectly and HydroFLOW USA should be contacted to troubleshoot the problem.

Your water softener should be bypassed after installing a HydroFLOW device. If you utilized a water softener for many years, turning it off might take some getting used to. You could notice some scale residue in your dishwasher, which can be easily addressed with a rinse agent that is formulated for hard water. When taking a shower, you might notice that the water has a less "slimy" feel and some soaps might not lather as before.

By Day 30 ‐ Powdery Residue May Be Noticeable

You may notice a very thin film of white or light gray powdery residue at the showerheads, the sink basins, and the pool’s waterline. This powder is left behind when the water evaporates and will wipe off easily. Additional benefits to your pool will include clearer water, reduced chemical consumption and decreased “Chlorine Smell”.

By Day 60 ‐ Scale Buildup Removal

If you have an older home, you may notice small scale flakes that are being removed from your plumbing system. Keep an eye on your faucet aerators because they may collect the debris that is being purged from your pipes.

Day 90 and Beyond ‐ Long Term Plumbing System and Pool Protection

You will notice the benefits of your appliances running more efficient and your pool will continue to experience clearer water, reduced chemical consumption and decreased “Chlorine Smell”.

Kindly note the HydroFLOW device does not replace routine maintenance procedures. Professionally purging your water heater is recommended in order to flush out any scale debris that may have collected at the bottom of the tank. In addition, it is recommended to periodically ensure your pool equipment is operating properly.