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HydroFLOW USA solutions for water treatment in the Power Generation industry

Nooter/Eriksen (N/E) is a part of the CIC Group, an employee-owned company with subsidiaries that have specialized in the design, manufacturing, and construction of steel products for over 100 years.

Upgraded multi head HydroFLOW unit for use in industrial applications  
As an integral part of N/E’s commitment to improving their customer’s bottom line, the company is now offering its customers an innovative water conditioning device called HydroFLOW, which optimizes the use of chemicals, saves make-up water, reduces maintenance, and improves the heat transfer efficiency of cooling tower systems. 
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Collage of HydroFLOW devices installed in power stations

No-risk proof of concept offering for cooling tower water treatment optimization 

  • No cost, zero risk product evaluation of the HydroFLOW water conditioning equipment. Pending a successful product evaluation, negotiate a purchase agreement.
  • Flexible payment options are available.
  • Remote monitoring of the cooling system’s performance via phone, tablet, or computer.

Installation of the HydroFLOW system is non-invasive and does not require any large machinery or welding. This video is an example of a HydroFLOW system installed on a 72” cooling tower pipe, along with a custom enclosure.

Benefits to the power generation industry

  • Optimizes the use of chemicals and make-up water.
  • Improves and maintains heat transfer efficiency.
  • Reduces maintenance cost.
  • Dissolves and removes existing hard scale.
  • Treats bacteria, algae and biofilm.
  • Inhibits corrosion.

See the results published in RMEL Electric Energy Magazine.

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