HydroFLOW hs40

Designed to protect large homes, commercial kitchens, pools and spas from the destructive effects of scale and biofilm. Decreases the risk of a waterborne pathogenic contamination. The unit fits Copper/PVC/PEX pipes up to 2.5” outer diameter. This is a do it yourself (DIY) product, but professional installation may be available in your area.

Original price was: $2,150.00.Current price is: $1,990.00.

HydroFLOW hs40

Original price was: $2,150.00.Current price is: $1,990.00.

The award-winning hs40 water conditioner provides a chemical-free solution for the harmful effects of scalecorrosionbacteria, and algae in residential, swimming pools, and small commercial applications. In addition, the hs40 increases filtration efficiency via flocculation. This powerful and durable water conditioner provides a fully encapsulated printed circuit board and power supply connection sealed with an ‘O’ ring. The hs40 fits pipes up to 63mm (2.5”) outer diameter.

The hs40 device was awarded the prestigious 2015 Kitchen Innovations Award by the National Restaurant Association. This award recognizes and celebrates cutting-edge equipment and technology that specifically improves the “back of the house” operations and benefits foodservice operators.

Popular Applications

  • Large homes.
  • Residential wells.
  • Restaurant kitchens.
  • Water features.
  • Residential and commercial pools and spas.
  • Residential and commercial water heaters.

Main Benefits

Financial and Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Increases the efficiency of water heating equipment and machinery.
  • Eliminates or decreases chemical usage.
  • Decreases the need for chemical safety precautions, storage and disposal.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Average one year payback period.

Additional Benefits

  • Non-intrusive and easy to install – no plumbing modifications required.
  • Propagates the Hydropath signal along with the entire water system.
  • Provides 24-hour protection.
  • Does not interfere with other electrical systems.

Installation of this device does not replace periodic equipment preventative maintenance procedures. Such as purging your water heater.

HydroFLOW residential devices are designed for ease of installation. With this said, it may be necessary to have your unit installed professionally, depending on the configuration of your plumbing system.

For additional technical information about these products, please visit our technology page. If you have any questions or wish to locate a local representative, please contact us.

About HydroFLOW hs40

The hs40 is a descaler and chemical Reducer for pools, large homes and commercial kitchens. It is designed to protect your heating system and appliances and make limescale-stained surfaces easier to clean.

PSU Input

100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0.3A Max

PSU Output

12V DC 150mA

Unit input

12V AC/DC 47-63Hz

Unit I/P power

Typical 1.2W


152 mm


118 mm


45 mm


300 Grams

Max. Pipe Diameter

63 mm OD

Lead length

3 M


Signal Monitor Light

43 reviews for HydroFLOW hs40

  1. John Fitzpatrick

    Bought this device for my pool a couple of months ago. I was having scale build up on my pool stairs and walls it looked terrible. I was going to try softened water but that will eat away tiles on the floor of the pool and make the floor of the pool rough on your feet. After installing the hs40 the scale went away. I’m assuming the filter is now grabbing it instead of it sticking to the walls and stairs of my pool.

  2. Danny

    Best of the best
    This product worked awesome for the issues I was having with my pool. I have recommended it to everyone I know who has a pool. Algae issues gone lowered my chlorine and chemical usage. It’s nice to have my eyes not burning every time I take a swim. In my opinion it’s not expensive because it works. I’ll easily get my money back within a year.

  3. John

    Great for my large home
    Installed an HS40 on my large home. It worked excellent in regards to the scale issues I had

  4. Ross

    b>Bought for my pool
    Purchased this for my pool. Contacted them directly to explain where to install it. So far it’s been running for a month and seems to be controlling algae nicely. I plan to start rolling back my chlorine usage in the coming weeks to see how it fares.

  5. Jayson

    Very happy with the results on my pool
    Just installed my unit a few weeks ago. Easy to install. Once its been installed for awhile I’ll come back and update my review

  6. Alicia Rey

    For out Pool
    I had this installed on our pool and it works great!! It helped with the algae problem and we were able to cut back our chlorine usage by almost 1/2. An unexpected benefit was since this product allows us to keep the water hardness we haven’t seen any more erosion of the cement stairway going into the pool. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was the price.

  7. Tim Drew

    b>installed on my poolbr/>Installed this product on my pool. I was so glad to see that I could keep the hardness in my pool without the problems. Anyone who owns a pool knows that if you don’t keep the water semi-hard it will start to eat away at the concrete in the floor and sides of the pool. This fixed an issue that I wasn’t expecting it to. Great product!

  8. Calvin

  9. Monica Davis

    I’m very impressed! I really noticed it on my glass shower doors, they are crystal clear. Dishes from my dishwasher have no streaks now!

  10. Lamarr

    no salt
    I was sick of dealing with the salt. This is a welcome change

  11. Harry Josepth

    I bought this over a year ago and it works like a charm and I’ve had no issues since. Try it.

  12. Jerry W

    I love this product. It takes up virtually no space and serves my whole house. There is no maintenance and it just works.

  13. Louise Russ

    Works great. No more scale buildup in my faucets. Water feels silkier too

  14. Gary K

  15. Kent Mason

    We were a bit skeptical, but we ordered it, installed it, and are loving it! Within 24 hours we were seeing and feeling a difference. Our skin isn’t as dry and the sinks are much better looking. There are still water spots, but they wipe off without chemicals!!! Amazing. We have been using CLR for years to clean the sinks, and it is no longer necessary. Well worth it.

  16. Calvin Peter

    expensive but it did a great job

  17. Kim M

    so happy about this. hair feels better, dishes look better, showerhead is clear.

  18. Carl Wagner

    I believe this product does work. Here is why. We live in an area of California with very hard water. We purchased a new home about 3 years ago that came with a tankless water heater we were told to have descaled annually. About 6 months to a year after we moved in I had to use drano and descale the shower drain because it was backing up. I removed some pretty big chunks of calcium from the drain. I didn’t want to spend thousands on a water softener and also have to use a filtration system on our drinking water. i also don’t like the feel of softened water. so i installed it -since then i have not had to descale the shower

  19. Jorge E

  20. Melanie Hutchins

    Easy to install and worth every penny if your water is hard which gives a scale buildup on your aerators and on your shower walls. It doesn’t take very long to make life simpler and put a smile on your face. Once installed the cost is almost nothing for the small amount of electricity it uses but the benefit of having it is huge. You will get to love it as much as we do, especially with the benefit of not having to use all the salt needed with traditional softeners.

  21. Stephanie C

  22. Chris. Steinmeyer

    HS48 after 1 year of use
    Our HS48 is still performing well after 1 year of use. We installed it into our newly constructed home and have NO difficulties. We have NO scaling on any water-use appliances or the showers, but from our underground sprinkler system (which does not have the benefit of the HS48) we have scaling on the exterior of our house. Yes, our municipal water supply is extremely hard, but the HS48 is doing its job and we have NO issues with calcium buildup in our home. I would definitely recommend the Hydroflow unit … it’s easy to install, compact, and exceeding efficient!

  23. Marsha Wagner

  24. Corey Larsen

  25. Charlie Rand

    This technology may take some time to see results.
    Easy to install.
    Takes up no space.

  26. Lee K.

    Great product. Low barrier to entry and actually works.

  27. Steven

    it’s working good

  28. Veronica W

  29. John Lincoln

  30. Ruben

    Thank you for this. I am saving money overall not buying all the salt and it’s way less time and energy.

  31. Jim O’Connor

    put it on the wrong pipe. I had to call to get better instructions

  32. Jon Platt

  33. Kim M

  34. Grant Herring

    Worked for both my house and my rentals. Easy to install. Worth it. Also zero maintenance.

  35. Leah Harris

  36. Matt T

  37. Garrett Hart

    I really like this product. I was skeptical, but the scale is gone and there isn’t new scale forming.

  38. Barry


  39. Marvin Hansen

  40. Brittany L

  41. Nolan Carson

  42. James Carnegie

    Worth it
    Installed myself. Working well. Would recommend.

  43. Tom Morris

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