HydroFLOW Pearl

An upgraded version of the reliable hs38, the Pearl is designed to protect a single piece of equipment, such as a tankless water heater, from the effects of scale and decrease the risk of waterborne biological contamination. Other popular applications include small studio apartments and recreational vehicles (RVs). The unit fits Copper/PVC/PEX pipes up to 1” outer diameter. This is a do it yourself (DIY) product, but professional installation may be available in your area.

Original price was: $425.00.Current price is: $375.00.

HydroFLOW Pearl

Original price was: $425.00.Current price is: $375.00.


The Pearl is a descaler for small apartments, RVs, and tankless water heaters. It is designed to protect your heating system, as well as appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. The device fits Copper/PVC/PEX pipes up to 25mm (1″) outer diameter.

Popular Applications 

  • Small homes.
  • Apartments.
  • RVs.
  • Tankless water heaters.

Main Benefits

  • Dissolves and removes existing scale.
  • Prevents new scale accumulation.

Financial and Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Increases the efficiency of water heating equipment.
  • Replaces salt-based Softeners.
  • Average one year payback period.

Additional Benefits

  • Non-intrusive and easy to install – no plumbing modifications required.
  • Propagates the Hydropath signal along with the entire water system.
  • Provides 24-hour protection.
  • Does not interfere with other electrical systems.

Installation of this device does not replace periodic equipment preventative maintenance procedures, such as purging of your water heater. 

HydroFLOW residential devices are designed for ease of installation. With this said, it may be necessary to have your unit installed professionally, depending on the configuration of your plumbing system.

For additional technical information about these products, please visit our technology page. If you have any questions or wish to locate a local representative, please contact us.

PSU Input

100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0.3A Max

PSU Output

12V DC 150mA

Unit input

12V AC/DC 47-63Hz

Unit I/P power

Typical 1.2W


110 mm


70 mm


60 mm


169 Grams

Max. Pipe Diameter

25.4 mm OD

Lead length

3 M


Multi LED Operation Light

62 reviews for HydroFLOW Pearl

  1. Jason

    Works great on scale issues
    Bought this for my Condo and I was worried I’d need the bigger unit. Its working great the scale that forms on my shower and sink just wipes away

  2. Sam

    I purchased this for my condo. All the issues with scale now just simply wipe away.

  3. Scott Simpson

    Not big enough
    Bought this and I didn’t see it wasn’t meant to be installed on an entire home. Its a point-of-use product. I upgraded to the s38 model and will update my review once I confirm it works.

  4. Stephen

    Does what it says. I needed something that would help with scale crusting up my heaters element causing it to not heat the water anymore. Since installing it 4 months ago I havent had any scale on my element. Very happy with my purchase.

  5. Barbara

    No idea what unit to get
    When I bought this unit I had no idea what size to get. I just noticed the product selection tool and should have used that to figure out what to buy. Turns out I should have bought the s38. Oh well Ill give this to my kid since she lives in an apartment

  6. Skip

    Got rid of my water softener and installed this on my condo. So far it seems to be keeping scale a reduced level. Happy with the results so far.

  7. tim

    Tried this out on my apartment 6 months ago. Scale still appears now and then but its soft and easy to wipe up

  8. Stewart

    First 3 months
    So far Im happy with the results. Hard water crust on the faucet and water heater has dissapeared. I did add a shower head filter to help with impurities.

  9. Patrick

    Easy install and seems to be working
    I just finished installing this product. Its super easy to install so when it comes to installation this product gets 5 stars. I cant tell yet if its working so I will come back in a few months and update my review. For now, I can only give it 4 stars until I run it for a few months. So far so good.

  10. Sean Michaels

    Perfect for my apartment
    I live in a small studio apartment and we have terrible water. I installed this unit 3 months ago. It was nice to see it start working immediately. All the issues I was having because of the hard water went away. Im so glad it worked because I really didnt want to use salt to make the water hardness manageable.

  11. Steve Poole

    Tankless water heater
    I’m not the most mechanically inclined person and I’m not comfortable taking apart my tankless water heater to clean it. We have very hard well water at my house and I was having to get my tankless water heater professionally cleaned every 6 months. So I decided to buy one of these units 3 months ago I’ve periodically inspected it every month and so far no scale at all!

  12. Sinjin Smith

    Perfect for my RV
    Installed on my RV. It worked great! Now I don’t have to worry about the hard water messing up my RV appliances. Great investment and a better option compared to the “go” water softener.

  13. Ted

    This somehow works
    I am a licensed plumber, this is one of the greatest products I ever used. You make a wonderful product.

  14. Bonnie Dawson

  15. Bob Sanders

    well well worth it

  16. A. Hale

    I was a skeptic. Calcium was clogging my boiler, and I needed to clean it out with acid twice a year to keep my hot water flowing. I installed 2 of these units, 1 on incoming water line and 1 just before boiler. Have not had water pressure issues, no cleaning out the boiler , no white build up on my shower nozzle , and no clogging of my shower head. I’m sold, still feels like voodoo, but its reduced my maintenance and it just works.

  17. Ray Johnson

    We had it installed now for 2 months. No new deposit on the the sinks or dishes

  18. Kane S.

    Works great
    I used your product selection tool it recommended the s38 but I went with this unit instead. I wish I had bought the next unit up so I could treat the guest bathroom but this one is working fine in the main bathroom and kitchen.

  19. Doug

    Very good purchase

  20. Pat Warner

    Love this!

  21. Dan Kits

    Low profile, easy to install and no more salt. Very happy about this purchase and highly recommend.

  22. Andrew White

  23. Warren K

  24. Cameron B

    it actually reduces scale. This will not soften water. Combined with whole house filter, it seemed to do an adequate job. I previously had a Charger Salt Free Scale preventer with whole house filter in San Antonio TX. That was good, but at $2K, I was looking for more cost effective option so I got a HydroFLOW unit.

  25. Ben J

  26. karen willems

    a little slow
    It works but it takes awhile for it to work

  27. Robin Hansen

    I’ve had it installed for 3 months, here’s what I’ve found out for myself. i have very hard water in Colorado. Prior to installing this device, I had thick hard water spots on all shower surfaces, inside dishwasher, around refrigerator water dispenser, faucets, and those rubber things on your shower head would get clogged with white deposits, making them shoot water in all directions.

    AFTER the install, white calcium deposits on shower heads and faucets are gone and they haven’t reappeared! The dishwasher cleans better, refrigerator water dispenser no longer gets the white crusties around it. Water spots in the shower and on glass are not as thick and wipe off easily.

    I have had experience with water softeners, and while I won’t say this “softens” the water quite like salt, I will say that it does make a difference. A VERY cost effective difference, the water tastes much better, and the instructions and installation were very simple.

    I wanted to wait a few months before I wrote this review and I hope it helps a lot of you out with your decision. I’m happy with my purchase and have already recommended this to friends and neighbors.

  28. Angela Biolo

    Easy to install and reasonable. Way cheaper than water softener and safer for the environment.

  29. Kyle Johnson

    I followed the installation instructions from the video on the website. In a very short amount of time, the lime rings in the toilets disappeared and the white residue in the shower was gone as well. The scale around the faucets is no longer a problem.

    I strongly recommend this unit to anyone with hard water or scale issues.

  30. James Pierce

  31. James K

  32. Bonnie Carson

    I installed the unit last fall and I am now getting another one for my son’s house that he’s building. It’s a must-have for maintaining your home value.

  33. Alicia H

    We bought this when we bought our new house and we have zero hard water problems. So glad we did it right away.

  34. Hank K

    After a few weeks I am starting to notice a difference in the hard water spots. I think the scale is coming off of the shower heads as well.

  35. Jarrett Bergman

  36. Cameron Busey

  37. Jan Dunder

    satisfied customer
    I was able to install this myself when my husband was out of town so I’m calling that a win

  38. Brody

  39. Natalie Marsh

    water softener
    My dishes seem shinier and my hair feels better. Not sure if that is from this but I don’t really care. Thank you.

  40. Jasons S.

    Way easier than water softener.

  41. Ty Malbec

  42. Jeremy Williams

    I like it so far. It was easy to install like they said. I called just to make sure it was on right and it seems to be working. The staff was friendly and helpful. Update later when I can see if all the scale is totally gone.

  43. Dan C

  44. Jan D


  45. Ali Fontana

  46. Randall Smith

    works well!
    seems to be working so far. small pieces of debris coming through the water. as far as I understand, that means it’s getting rid of my scale.

  47. Anne Kramer

  48. James Larson

  49. George Tuckerson

    As expected. Quick to attach.

  50. Noah

    really like it, works better then my old water softener

  51. Bob Jameson

  52. Gary Kramer

  53. Hasan

  54. Frances Joyce

  55. Amy Yassar

  56. Marge

  57. William J

  58. Mary Mackenzie

  59. Roger White

  60. Robert

  61. Joe Gale

    Good product
    I got my HS38 three months ago. I installed it myself. Works great.

  62. Dan Levy

    A very good product

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