Agriculture Case Studies

Increased Crop Yield Experiment

Prepared By
Dr. Stuart O’Byrne.

Stimulated Water Circle Irrigation System – Corn field.

Installed Unit
HydroFLOW i160.

Testing Procedure
The crop circle was divided into four plots:

1. Control with plain lake water.

2. HydroFLOW stimulated lake water.

3. HydroFLOW and Magnetically stimulated lake water.

4. Magnetically stimulated lake water.

All four plots were matched; water and fertilizer were equally applied to all test areas. There were no significant soil differences. There were minor elevation differences. All were planted with the same Pioneer 36V51 corn on the same day and at the same density.

Both plots with HydroFLOW obtained better yield than the control plot, and in addition, the HydroFLOW plots had better color and roots.

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