Agriculture Case Studies

Phase 2 – Aquavet Clinical Evaluation Gyrodactylus Spp

Evaluation Prepared By
Dr. Ra'anan Ariav – AquaVet Technologies Ltd.

Installed Unit
HydroFLOW i60 unit.

This clinical evaluation has monitored the effect of the HydroFLOW water disinfection system on Gyrodactylus spp.

As such, we evaluated the following parameters:

  • Presence of parasites in gill tissue and skin.
  • Morbidity rate.
  • Mortality rate.


  • Three (3) large tanks (10 cubic meters each) were re-circulated for a period of 45 days in the AquaVet Wet – Lab facility.
  • Tank 3 (disease resevoir) was stocked with 200 Hybrid Tilapia characterized by heavy presence of parasites.
  • Tank 2 and 4 were stocked with 200 Hybrid Tilapia (each) free from infectious disease.
  • Water was recirculated between tank 3 and tank 2 continuously, without any treatment.
  • Water was recirculated between tank 3 and tank 4 continuously, with treatment by the HydroFLOW water disinfection system. All incoming water to tank 4 was disinfected, continuously.


  • During 45 days of observation, overall survival rate in tank 4 (HydroFLOW Treated incoming water) was considerably higher when compared to the survival rate in tanks 2 and 3.
  • The Tilapia population in tank 4 (HydroFLOW treated incoming water) exhibited improved health status by expressing a lower level of Gyrodactylus infection during the first 30 – 40 days of the clinical evaluation.

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