Commercial Case Studies

Aquatic Center, Alternative to UV Water Treatment

HydroFLOW Southeast.


Aquatic Center GA.


Installed Unit
HydroFLOW Custom i12".

The Aquatic Center has had UV secondary disinfection installed for approximately 15 years, and while it has reduced their issues with air quality (chloramines), the ongoing maintenance and power costs left management open to explore new innovative technologies, such as Hydropath technology which powers the HydroFLOW water conditioners. 


  • The trial showed the more economical HydroFLOW water conditioner achieved similar or better air quality results (reduced chloramines) compared to the UV system, at a fraction of the ongoing maintenance cost.
  • In addition, there was a noticeable downward trend in backwash times, chlorine usage and scale accumulation in the heat exchanger.

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