Commercial Case Studies

High-End Resort – Water Heater, Pools, Spas, Wells and Cooling Towers

New Water Innovation (HydroFLOW Southwest)

High-End Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Cooling Towers, Well, Water Heater, Pools and Spas.

Installed Units
TwoHydroFLOW s38, HydroFLOW hs40 and Multiple HydroFLOW i Range units.

The resort operates its own well and wastewater facility. The water is extremely hard (54 Grain Per Gallon or 923 Parts Per Million), which was giving the maintenance staff significant issues. The resort’s facilities manager was hesitant to purchase industrial-grade HydroFLOW devices, so a proof-of-concept trial with 2 small-commercial s38 units was conducted.

After 4 months, results showed a great reduction of scale buildup on the heating elements.

The evaluation led to the installation of HydroFLOW i Range units on the well and cooling tower and in other resorts.

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