Commercial Case Studies

Savings in 1,000 Ton Cooling Tower

Fortune 100 Headquarters LEED Gold Building Houston, Texas 

Cooling Towers and chillers.

Installed units
HydroFLOW industrial custom unit.

Fortune 100 LEED Gold certified headquarters in Houston, Texas, identified the need to improve water conservation in the cooling system to reduce cost, save energy and reduce chemicals. 

Key Success Factors

  • Reduction of scale and biofouling accumulation in the cooling towers and chillers.
  • At least 50% conservation of blow-down water.
  • Chemical reduction and optimization.
  • Increased lifecycle of equipment, fill material and piping.
  • Reduction in energy costs.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs.


  • 85% blow-down water reduction, which greatly exceeded the 50% goal.
  • 75% chemical reduction.
  • 50% reduction in maintenance frequency.
  • 10% reduction in energy consumption by the cooling towers and chillers.
  • The fortune 100 company is in the process of implementing TWM in other facilities.

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