Industrial Case Studies

Inland Power Plant in China

HydroFLOW Asia.

Inland power plant in China.

Circulating Cooling System in Power Plant.

Installed Unit
Two HydroFLOW custom 72” units.

Water source
River water – Quality of water varied from season to season. During summer raining reason, water turbidity was high.

Anti-scaling and biocide.

An Inland power plant in China using river water for the cooling system which has two of 600MW each. Chemicals dosage included anti-scaling and biocide. Refill water volume ran at 700T/hr.

Success factor
Reduce chemical usage and improve steam condensation efficiency.


  • Chemical dosage was eliminated for the operation.
  • No hard scale was found inside the condenser and cooling tower cooling mate.
  • Steam condenser transit temperature dropped by 1.5⁰C and vacuum pressure increased by 1KPa compared with the same period in previous year.
  • Discharge water from the cooling tower was used now for gardening and other application because there were no chemicals in the discharged water.

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