Industrial Case Studies

Struvite Control in Dewatering Centrifuge




Rockland County Sewer District #1, New York.


Effluent discharge system.

Installed Unit

HydroFLOW Industrial Unit.


Struvite scale clogging the effluent discharge system of the wastewater treatment plant’s GEA Westfalia CA505 centrifuges. 

Success factors 

Multiply the time between cleaning by a factor of two; from approximately once every two weeks to once every four weeks.

Reduce struvite scale accumulation in dewatering centrifuge effluent discharge.


  • Dramatic scale reduction in the effluent collection discharge box.
  • Very little to no scale accumulation observed on the previously scraped inspection section after thirty days of operation since the HydroFLOW unit was installed. Existing scale seems to be softening.
  • The objective of extending the cleaning cycle from two to four weeks was met and greatly surpassed. 

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