Where is the best place to install my HydroFLOW device?

On the incoming cold water line going into your hot water heater.

Will I need any special tools to install my device?

No, no tools are needed to install your HydroFLOW device. You will need the included tool if you want to remove the HydroFLOW device.

How long does it take HydroFLOW to start working and how can I tell?

The minute you turn on your HydroFLOW device new scale will stop forming in your system and existing scale will begin to be removed. You may notice small scale flakes that are being removed from your hot water tank and piping system. Keep an eye on your faucet aerators because they may collect the debris that is being purged from your pipes. You will notice the benefits of your appliances running more efficient. You also may notice your water becoming a bit cloudy. This is due to the scale being removed from your plumbing system and fixtures. It will clear up after a period of time depending on how badly scaled your existing system is.

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What you should expect from HydroFLOW

  • Prevent limescale accumulation and gradually remove limescale deposits in areas with constant water flow (i.e. inside pipes)
  • Make your potable water healthier by assisting in the eradication of waterborne bacteria and removal of biofilm from inside pipes and appliances
  • Reduce your water heater’s energy consumption
  • Cost is about $1 per year to run
  • Be eco-friendly and maintenance-free
  • Make your pool water clearer
  • Reduce your pool’s chemical consumption
  • Decrease your pool’s “chlorine smell"
  • Your water will lather up better with a HydroFLOW device than just untreated hard water

If you need further assistance with installing your HydroFLOW device please contact us.