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Hard Water Scale is Primarily Calcium and Magnesium, are There Other Kinds of Scale?
January 2021
Hard water scale is primarily calcium and magnesium, are there other kinds of scale? Yes, there are many different kinds of scale. For instance, wastewater plants have to deal with struvite and vivianite. Brewers that make beer deal with brewstone scale. The kind of scale depends on the kinds of ionic compounds and minerals your dealing with. You will find a comprehensive list here.
What are Minerals? Which Minerals are Essential?
August 2020
We have come a long way since the days of simply taking a multivitamin and believing our daily nutrients were achieved. People are more cognizent of vitamins/supplements ingredients and the effects (good and bad) that it has on our overall health. As we become more health-conscious, and educated about our health, trying to make sense of all the vitamin and mineral supplements on the grocery store shelves can make your head spin.
Water Softeners, Water Conditioners and Hard Water Information.
August 2020
Everything you need to know about water softeners, water conditioners, and hard water. Learn about the history and the difference between the technologies and the advancement of water treatment methods.
Water Conditioner vs. Water Softener
July 2021
In this blog, we'll focus on two types of water treatment systems: water conditioners and water softeners. These terms are often confused, so we'll clarify the difference and explain how each works.
Tankless Water Heaters vs Tank Water Heater
June 2020
In this post, we'll focus on two types of residential water heating systems: Tankless Water Heater and Tank Water Heater. We have also listed what we consider to be the best tankless water heaters.
Water Softening Systems and the History of Water Softeners
June 2020
Explore the history of water softening systems and why the need to soften water became important.
Homeowner Reports Excellent Results
June 2020
Learn how a HydroFLOW s38 water treatment device gave a homeowner soft water and no water spots on dishes, while killing bacteria and preventing scale buildup.
What is Hard Water? Hard Water Facts
October 2020
What is hard water? Just the facts about hard water. Including instructions on how to create your own hard water.
Skeptical Employee Becomes a HydroFLOW Believer
May 2020
A newly hired employee who is skeptical of the HydroFLOW device's abilities, is given full access to the corporate testing facility to find out for himself.
Could there be pathogens in your drinking water?
March 2020
Water treatment device reduces the probability of pathogens such as coronavirus from multiplying in water.
Why are water softeners being banned?
December 2019
Here is a brief description of the impact saltwater has on our environment and what many states are doing to combat this issue.
Choosing the right eco-friendly water treatment option. What’s out there?
December 2019
Let’s explore the varying types of water treatments and the unique ways in which they function to clear your pipes and your worries.
Salt in Your Water?
October 2019
Most of us know how to read nutritional information on packaged foods. It’s easy to track your intake of sodium because of labeling laws. Unfortunately, sodium can get into our systems without us knowing it.
Scale Reduction Savings in Apartment Complex
November 2017
Learn how Greenfield Village saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment repair and replacement by installing HydroFLOW S38 water conditioners.
Is Drinking Water Ruining Your Diet
March 2020
A well hydrated body is less likely to retain water which contributes to healthy weight loos, but being picky about the water you drink is critical. Learn more.
HydroFLOW USA Wins 2015 Kitchen Innovations Award
April 2020
HydroFLOW was awarded the prestigious 2015 Kitchen innovations award for their innovative technology to solve challenges and advance the foodservice industry.
Colloidal and Ionic Minerals vs Pill Vitamins
August 2020
Trying to make sense of all the vitamin and mineral supplements on the grocery store shelves can make your head spin in circles. Before you buy into the nonsense that both ionic minerals and colloidal mineral companies use for marketing and advertising. Just like Vitamins in pill form, colloidal and ionic supplements may make a variety of claims about their products — many of which are not confirmed by scientific research. Keep in mind that fewer than 20 have been classified to be essential to your health. Learn more and find ot what we consider to be the best form.
How are chemicals getting in my water?
July 2021
How are the Chemicals Getting in my Water? Most chemicals that end up in our water are a result of being directly added or from runoff. Disinfectants and disinfection by-products are the categories of chemicals generally added to treat water. Coagulants, Algaecide, and nutritional additives like fluoride are also chemicals that can be added to your water.