Agricultural Water Treatment

Farms are challenged with finding ways to reduce water usage while optimizing their water treatment regimen. By integrating HydroFLOW equipment, farmers realize a wide range of operational advantages and a quick return on investment.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced water usage.
  • Increased crop yield.
  • Improved water quality.
  • Decreased chemical usage.
  • Lessened equipment maintenance.

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Case Study:

Vineyard in California

A California vineyard was suffering from severe algae growth in its irrigation ponds, this caused increased maintenance and other problems in the filtration stations. The farm was being forced into backwashing the system 10-15 minutes a day to address the issues being caused by the algae build-up.


After the installation of a HydroFLOW device within two months algae
was brought to acceptable levels. This allowed the farm to only need to backwash the system for 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes.
Compared to the Copper Sulfate and Tilapia fish algae treatment methods, the bacteria and algae CFU counts in the HydroFLOW treated pond were over 90% lower.
Savings associated with lessened chemical usage, reduced backwash and reduced maintenance costs resulted in an estimated 1.5 year return on investment.

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