Agriculture Case Studies

HydroFLOW Reduces Algae Growth

HydroFLOW West.

Vineyard in California.

Irrigation ponds.

Installed Units
HydroFLOW industrial unit.

Copper Sulfate or Tilapia fish.

California vineyard that suffers from severe algae growth in its irrigation ponds, which causes maintenance problems in the filtration stations.

Success factor
Reduce algae growth without the use of Copper Sulfate or Tilapia fish.


  • Compared to the Copper Sulfate and Tilapia fish algae treatment methods, the bacteria and algae CFU counts in the HydroFLOW treated pond were over 90% lower.
  • After the installation of HydroFLOW, the backwash process took 3-5 minutes.
  • Reduced maintenance costs resulted in an estimated 1.5 year return on investment.

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