Commercial Case Studies

Premium Car Wash in California

HydroFLOW West.

An American Car Wash (

Recycled water and spray nozzles.

Installed Units
HydroFLOW i45 was used. The i45 was installed on the recycling water system, to reduce the foul smell and scale accumulation.

The facility’s inner plumbing system had been run down and was in need of many major improvements. Water distribution lines were plugging up with hard water scale deposit and the recycling water system was suffering from foul smell, due to biological buildup and lack of proper maintenance.

Within 20 days, the car wash staff noticed the foul smell from the reclaimed water was gone and they were able to reclaim 60% of that water. In addition, nozzles that barely sprayed water or were plugged were now operating properly. After 6 months of operation, all nozzles are working perfectly; saving water and greatly reducing maintenance costs.

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