Industrial Case Studies

HydroFLOW Third Party Verification Report Tulsa

Prepared By
Samuel Jeyanayagam, PhD, PE, WEF Fellow/Jacobs Engineering.

Tulsa Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Struvite scale buildup.

Installed Unit
HydroFLOW Industrial i160.

The primary objective of this independent, third-party technology verification is to validate the effectiveness of the HydroFLOW i Range product with respect to controlling struvite scaling at selected test sites. The verification is based on a review of visual observations and discussion with plant staff. It focuses on identifying changes to struvite scaling before and after installing HydroFLOW units.

This Third-Party Technology Verification Report validates that the use of a HydroFLOW i Range unit at the Southside WWTP prevented scale formation in a BFP used for dewatering anaerobically digested sludge. The HydroFLOW unit also caused changes in the physical characteristics of the existing scale, making it easier to be removed.

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