Industrial Case Studies

Power Station Steam Condenser

HydroFLOW Russia.

Heat power station. The station produces electricity and heat energy, which is used for central heating.

Steam condenser and heat exchangers.

Installed Unit
Two HydroFLOW industrial custom P-40” units.

Equipment from biofouling, silt and mud deposits, (source of the water is river), inorganic deposits (scale) forming on the internal steam condenser pipes surfaces.

Success factor

Reduce the buildup oposits, scale, silt and biofilm in heat exchangers and steam condenser.


  • Characteristics of deposits – soft, can be washed out with the water.
  • On most of the tubes there can be seen a characteristic metal glitter (brass), which indicates cleanness of the surface; – Properties of deposits in the outlet chamber are similar to that of the inlet chamber, and the brass glitter can also be seen here.
  • A characteristic smell of organic decomposition is absent.
  • Results of the visual examination, there was found visible reduction of biofouling and absence of tubes with 100% clogging in comparison with condenser without AquaKlear.

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