Industrial Case Studies

Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ohio


HydroFLOW USA and Kirk Williams Company.


London OH, WWTP.


Dewatering Equipment – Belt Press.

Installed Unit

HydroFLOW i160 unit.


Struvite scale in an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant can lead to great inefficiency within the plant or operation due to clogging of the pipes, pumps and equipment. Solutions include mechanical and chemical cleaning, which require significant downtime. A chemical-free method of removing and preventing struvite has been developed and tested successfully. 

Success Factor

Struvite removal without Chemical/Manual/Mechanical assistance.


  • The HydroFLOW device not only reduced the rate of struvite accumulation, it actually started to soften up existing deposits!
  • Within a week started seeing large pieces coming off the first roller and the wash box. 

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