Food and Beverage Water Treatment

The food processing industry requires careful management of water systems, necessitating that they remain clear of scale and biofilm to operate at optimum efficiency. With food production, there is an additional constraint on the amount of chemical treatment that can be added to the water. The HydroFLOW water treatment devices optimize existing water treatment regimens, allowing for substantial water savings and chemical reduction, with an average payback period of 1-2 years.

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Case Study

Food Processing Plant in Central, Washington.

The fruit-washing line in this factory suffered from scale issues. The spray nozzles would plug-up with scale on a daily basis. In addition, the bank of heaters was seeing scale build-up that was reducing their efficiency.


The existing scale on the heater tubes was gradually dissolved and new scale was prevented. After 10 weeks the bare metal of the tubes could be seen. The spray nozzles did not block during the initial 3-month trial period, and overall maintenance time was reduced by 70%. Chlorine, soap and other chemicals used in the washing process were also greatly reduced. The food processing plant ended purchasing multiple HydroFLOW devices that were deployed throughout the facility.


It is hard to believe, but the pictures tell the story. I am amazed at the results so far. This problem has been an extreme issue for me since I came to this facility a few years ago. Thank you, HydroFLOW, for helping me optimize my factory.” – Facility Director.