Landscaping companies are challenged with finding ways to conserve water while optimizing the water treatment regimen of their customers. By integrating HydroFLOW equipment, landscapers realize a wide range of operational
advantages and a quick return on investment.

Benefits include:

  • Improved turf health.
  • Reduced water usage.
  • Enhanced water quality.
  • Decreased chemical usage.
  • Lessened equipment maintenance.

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Case Study

Municipal golf course in Texas.

This golf course contacted HydroFLOW because the health of the turf throughout the course declined and brown patches developed on fairways and especially putting greens. Increased watering did not improve the conditions, and samples were submitted to a laboratory. The diagnosis was Pythium Blight, which is a fairly common fungus that prevents water from being absorbed by the roots.

Pythium Blight is a destructive and difficult-to-control disease of warm-season turf grass during mild wet conditions from late fall, winter, and early spring. Localized dry spot (LDS) associated with fairy ring fungi is similar to hydrophobic fairy ring, but LDS occurs in irregular patches. Fungi break down organic material in the soil profile, releasing toxic and water repellent compounds that make the soil and canopy hydrophobic (water repellent). The
Bermuda grass primarily suffers from drought stress despite regular watering intervals.



HydroFLOW devices have the ability to reduce water surface tension; similar to the effect of a chemical surfactant. The treated water is more efficiently used by plants, which allows for better use of nutrients. In turn, plants sustain healthier systems that resist disease and stress. The grounds keeper at the golf course elected to install a HydroFLOW device for a 5-month trial.
Reduced water usageStopped scale from formingRemoved Scale

Water supplied to the golf course is from a single well, at a relatively low cost. However, the HydroFLOW application demonstrated a reduced water demand of approximately 20% and fertilizer/chemical reduction of 30%. The chemical purchasing and storage were reduced in addition to the labor required to treat
areas with brown patches.

The healthier turf appears greener and is more resilient to regular wear and tear.

HydroFLOW not only improved the Bermuda Turf, it also descaled the irrigation line, improving the water flow and sprinkler coverage. At the end of the 5-month trial the golf course elected to purchase the HydroFLOW unit.
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