Plastic Manufacturing

Cooling plastics in a precise and efficient way during the manufacturing process is very important. If the plastic is not cooled properly the quality of the end product can be impacted. Most plastic manufacturers use water as their primary way of cooling the plastics during manufacturing. They do this by using some sort of heat exchanger in the process. Generally, they use a cooling tower and chiller to achieve this.

Benefits include:

  • Scale reduction on heat transfer surfaces.
  • Optimize chiller and cooling tower performance.
  • Minimize cooling tower chemical and water usage.
  • Reduction of cooling water bacteria and biofouling.

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Any kind of heat transfer efficiency loss can be very detrimental to the plastic curing correctly. According to Plastics Today Injection mold cooling: A return to fundamentals ( “With water flowing through a mold you have the perfect setup for electrolysis, where the minerals in the water will plate out onto the waterlines. Just 1/64 in. (0.4 mm) of scale buildup can reduce the heat-transfer efficiency of a waterline by 60%, even with adequate flow.”

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