Sustainable Drought Mitigation Technology

Drought is severely impacting the Southern U.S. Water scarcity is a serious problem for any industry operating in the region that relies on water to keep its processes going. The situation has caused companies to become serious about meeting their sustainability goals with a focus on reducing their water usage. To help fight this drought, we offer these industries an innovative technology to not only save water, but also save energy while reducing overall operating expenses.

HydroFLOW USA can provide substantial water savings for industries such as:

  • Facility and Building Management
  • ​Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Power Generation
  • Car Washes

Almost every industry, building, or factory in the Southern U.S. utilizes a cooling tower to deal with the unique climate of the region. This makes optimizing cooling tower systems very important to any company serious about reducing their water usage. We have decades of experience assisting operators by optimizing their cooling tower water treatment regimen. We do this by offering an eco-friendly solution that provides substantial water savings, along with reduced energy and chemical usage.

Optimizing a cooling tower with HydroFLOW consistently achieves the following results:

  • Reduces the use of anti-scalant, anti-corrosive and biocide chemicals.
  • Prevents new scale accumulation and gradually removes existing scale.
  • Lessens bleed/blow-down water usage by gradually increasing conductivity.
  • Decreases bacteria in the recirculating water.
  • Reduces biofilm accumulation inside pipes, heat-exchangers, and infrastructure.
  • Increases the cooling system’s overall efficiency by reducing scale and biofilm deposits.
  • Extends service life of equipment.

Sample Case Studies

Fortune 100 Company – 1,000 Ton Cooling Tower

HydroFLOW was installed on a 1,000-ton cooling tower at a Gold LEED building in Houston, Texas. The results achieved were as follows:

  • 85% blow-down water reduction, which greatly exceeded the 50% goal.
  • 75% chemical reduction.
  • 50% reduction in maintenance frequency.
  • 10% reduction in energy consumption by the cooling towers and chillers.

This led to an annual savings of $73,400.00 for the company. Obviously, they moved ahead with several more HydroFLOW device installations throughout all the buildings they operate.

Beach Club Hotel – 500 Ton Cooling Tower

A 14-inch HydroFLOW device was installed on a 500-ton cooling tower at a beach club in Oahu, Hawaii to optimize the cooling tower and chiller system.


  • Blow down was reduced by 50%. Note: Blowdown can be reduced further with 10% sidestream filtration.
  • Scale accumulation stopped as soon as HydroFLOW was installed.
  • Antiscalant and Anti-corrosive chemicals were completely discontinued after 1.5 months.
  • Existing scale and biofilm deposits were gradually removed.
  • After reducing the biocide chemical by 75%, the total bacteria counts continued to be minimal.
  • The efficiency of the chillers was maintained (no scale and biofilm accumulation in chiller tubes).
  • One-year Return on Investment (ROI).

Municipal Golf Course in Texas – Improved water absorption

The golf course turf had signs of being heavily damaged from take-all root rot (TARR) which is caused by a fungus, and they were looking for a chemical-free solution to increase turf health, while reducing water consumption.


  • 30% reduction in irrigation water usage.
  • The isolated practice green was lush and green in color.
  • It was the only green on the course that no longer suffered from root rot.
  • Lab testing showed the practice green retained 50% more nutrients compared to other greens.

Car Wash in Southern California – Scale prevention in the water lines

The facility’s inner plumbing system had been run down and was in need of many major improvements. Water distribution lines were plugging up with hard water scale deposits and the recycled water system was suffering from a foul smell due to biological buildup and lack of proper maintenance.

Water is essential for any car wash - especially so, in areas that are affected by droughts


Within 20 days, the car wash staff noticed the foul smell from the reclaimed water was gone and they were able to reclaim 60% of that water. In addition, nozzles that barely sprayed water or were plugged were now operating properly. After 6 months of operation, all nozzles are working perfectly; saving water and greatly reducing maintenance costs.

We have decades of experience assisting industries with their water treatment regimen. We do this by offering an eco-friendly solution that provides substantial water savings, along with reduced energy and chemical usage.